This Whovian pair share their out of this world engagement photos

Engagements are blessed occurrence. They mark the beginning of the journey two people wish to take in forming a spiritual bond that signifies their hope for a lifetime of love and happiness. When the announcement comes, the customary tradition of photographing the event is a time honored one. Thankfully, with […]

BioWare releases information about their newest project ‘Shadow Realms’

    Over a period spanning close to the last two decades, software development company BioWare has become one of the foremost leaders in roleplaying video games known for their stunning and cutting edge graphics, engaging storylines and memorable characters. It’s no small wonder then that BioWare veteran designer James […]


One nerd creates the ultimate DBZ swag, and it’s not a dragonball

  In every franchise there are iconic items and imagery associated with the characters of the story that draws fans in rabidly. Whether it be a weapon or tool, avid modelers will do their best to recreate their favorite items down to a tee, as evidenced by the massive forums […]



‘The Lonely Island’ unveil their next big step towards the big screen

  For anyone who’s missed out on the comedy trio that is The Lonely Island, here’s the skinny. Saturday Night Live alumni Andy Samberg, Akiva Schaffer, and Jorma Taccone make up the musical and comedic trifecta of over the top lyrics and spectacle, blending rap/hip hop with comdey in hilarious and ridiculous […]

The internet is dumber for watching Fish on Twitch

    So, there could never be anything worse than the debacle of Twitch Plays Pokemon that we saw start earlier this year. What seemed to be half joke-half social experiment about human cooperation has continued on for multiple iterations of the series and ridiculous stories have cropped up in kind for […]



Adorable baby boy loves the remote already in infancy

  Any person who has lived with any man before knows that male dominance runs deep in their core. Whether it be food or nesting grounds, territorial control runs deep in every males blood. This baby boy proves how deep in his DNA supremacy of the remote runs in an […]

Listen to ‘Gollum’s Song’ like you’ve never heard before

  The internet is a living love letter to nerdom, whether it be in the form of written works, art, video or song. Literally hundreds or thousands of versions of any given song litter the world wide web, and Gollum’s Song from Lord of the Rings is no different. This version, however, is […]



Some truth about college, in an epic comic

A simple and fairly truthful look at college life. Well, maybe not exactly, but you’ll get the idea.     These strips showcase what many feel is pretty much how life goes when you’re in college and setting your career path for the rest of you life. Read these and more […]